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Comparison: Bulk SMS Reselling and Recharge Card Printing Business

Kola my very close friend was chatting with me a few week back. And at a point, he told me about his decision to venture into a small business and sought my advice on which option ...
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Busted: 5 Popular Myths about SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a business promotion strategy that for some time now has started gaining fruition among Nigerian businesses. But as more entrepreneurs are considering adopting this ...
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What Kinds of Businesses Use Bulk SMS?

Before entering into any kind of business, a smart person will first do his best to learn all that he can about it. This includes making sure about whether or not there is a great ...

Things you need to know about bulk SMS providers

A look around you today, you will see handbills or posters asking you to contact the address written down there in other to send your bulk SMS. Even on the internet there are adverts ...
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The Ease and Flexibility of Owning your Own Bulk SMS Portal

The normal SMS method provided by our numerous service providers is one that is a very vital tool in communication. However, when it comes to mass messaging or bulk SMS this conventional ...
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