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promoting your business

6 Truths Every Business Owner Must Know About Marketing via SMS

It was said by Peter Drucker that apart from Marketing and innovation which bring the customers and profits, every other money spent in a Business is an Expense. While this is debatable, ...

Powerful Proposals for Bulk SMS/Mobile Marketing Available for Download!

Dear Business Owner, In promoting your Business, a lot of times prospects need visual evidence of what you are presenting so they can either consult later, forward to superiors or understand ...
Cheap Price SMS

Why Quality (Not Price) Would Keep Your SMS Business Running Forever

One of the commonest mistakes that bulk SMS resellers make is lowering their prices—sometimes ridiculously—in a desperate bid to win customers. Over the past 5 years we’ve ...
How can i get Money in Nigeria

How Can I get Money from Bulk SMS? (2)

Last Week, I started on the Mini series titled; “How can I get Money from Bulk SMS?“, That article showed current earnings from the Bulk SMS Business well over a Million ...
earnings from Bulk SMS

How Can I get Money from Bulk SMS?

Last week, I wrote a post which also got sent out to my Email List titled, “What is Your Biggest Challenge in Business?“, this post was also sent as an Email to my Email ...
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