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Technology Behind Bulk SMS

The Technology that Powers the Bulk SMS Websites

We would go a bit technical today to give the Building blocks of Bulk SMS.     The bulk SMS business is a product of modern technology. It is a business that is more dependent ...

Comparison: Bulk SMS Reselling and Recharge Card Printing Business

Kola my very close friend was chatting with me a few week back. And at a point, he told me about his decision to venture into a small business and sought my advice on which option ...

Boost Your Income Series #7: How to Retain Your Customers Forever

Getting customers to patronize your bulk SMS business can be really challenging. But retaining those customers is even more challenging. And as you know, a business doesn’t thrive ...
sms website setup

Boost Your Income Series #3: How to Set Up Your Bulk SMS Website

In continuation of Our Boost Your Income Series, Before you can run a bulk SMS reselling business on a commercial scale, you must have a website. Your customers can place their orders ...

Boosting Your Income Series (#2): Advantages and Disadvantages of the Bulk SMS Reselling Business

This is a Continuation of Last Week’s series on Every business has its pros and cons. ...
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