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Powerful Proposals for Bulk SMS/Mobile Marketing Available for Download!

Dear Business Owner, In promoting your Business, a lot of times prospects need visual evidence of what you are presenting so they can either consult later, forward to superiors or understand ...

Business Owners!! Stop wasting money get your Messages to People in your Location

Businesses spend most of their expenditure on large-scale marketing drives and in most cases they fail to effectively achieve their aims due to the unco-ordinated and unstructured nature ...
Lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe

Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Scotland and Back to YOU!! Happy Independence!

If you’ve noticed there have been no Posts here for over a Month (Even the Conclusion of Our last Series) and I would like to say I’ve missed interacting with you all and ...
SMS Enabled Phone

Boosting Your Income Series (#1): How to Start Your SMS Business

Here’s Your Chance To Make Cool Cash! If you’ve been searching for a proven, risk-free, low-capital, and highly profitable business that you can run right from the corner of ...
SMS Nuvia Compose SMS Screen

How to send Bulk SMS

  In this step-by-step tutorial, we are going to teach you, free of charge, how to send Bulk SMS in Nigeria. The title of this article might seem simple, or even laughable to ...
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