What is Your Biggest Challenge in Business?

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Going into Business is arguably one of the Most difficult tasks to undertake in this world,


I can say that because in the past few years I have started and still run businesses both online and offline, and Ive seen almost everything, Starting a Business from scratch and growing it to abundance, Buying an Existing Business and restructuring it to my tastes, Partnering with others to Build a Business, Raising funds from External Investors and the like,
Someday, If motivated I might start a Blog or write a Book about me and Business but for now, I just want to know,


What is your Biggest Difficulty in Business? SMS or Otherwise?
Funding? Marketing? Conversion? Traffic? Finding your Target Market?


Let me know what your Biggest Difficulty is via our contact form.


Would Love to Hear from You, Cheers.


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2 Responses to "What is Your Biggest Challenge in Business?"

  1. Holstar says:

    This challenges i am facing is that costumers complain bitterly base on the issue of find it diificult to save their numbers in my own sms portal.I am try to convert to website to joomola,before its PHP,no one could assist me.

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