6 Truths Every Business Owner Must Know About Marketing via SMS

Reach Your Customers via SMS

It was said by Peter Drucker that apart from Marketing and innovation which bring the customers and profits, every other money spent in a Business is an Expense. While this is debatable, it is a sure fact that for every business, Marketing is an integral part of it’s success. There are different avenues available for a small Business to get word about its products and services out especially due to the technological boom being currently experienced.

Despite all the hype that has been flying around over the years about email marketing, content marketing, pay per click advertising and other online marketing techniques, few of these strategies have proven to be as effective as good old SMS advertising. And many business owners are now realising this.

Now that businesses are shifting their focus back to SMS advertising, it’s important for you to understand those things about this strategy that make it amazingly productive. Here are some of them:

  1. SMS is Affordable

When compared with virtually all other advertising strategies, SMS is among the most affordable! Reputable email marketing services charge $15 (N3,000) per month on the average—for just 1,000 subscribers. Similarly, attracting 1,000 potential customers via pay-per-click advertising will cost anywhere between $50 and $1,000 (N10,000 — N200,000). But sending SMS to 1,000 contacts will cost just about ($7.50) N1,500—or less. The difference is just clear!

  1. SMS is much easier to implement

To be able to launch successful email marketing or PPC campaigns, you need to know and be familiar with a good number of technical stuffs and procedures. So, these strategies cannot be implemented by just anyone. However, blasting off an SMS campaign to several thousands of potential customers is one of the easiest things to do. Just log into your bulk SMS account, type your brief message, specify your recipients, and … send. That’s all there is to it!

  1. SMS has more open rates

According to research, only 20 percent of emails get opened and read by recipients. The remaining 80 percent get ignored and later trashed—or get marked as spam. That’s so much for an advertising medium that gulps money every month. But with SMS, the open rate is a whopping 93 percent! Yes, 93 percent. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, since most people have a mobile phone and since not all mobile phones have an active or working internet connection, it’s much easier for them to read SMS than to read emails. Emails can only be read by those who have Internet access, but SMS can be read by everyone with a phone. So, with SMS, you can rest assured that virtually all your target contacts will read your message.

An SMS enabled Mobile Phone

  1. Response and conversion rates are higher with SMS

Because text messages are usually brief and to the point, people find it easier to read them and take the required action. That is, they can see the whole message and understand it at a glance without having to scroll down. In other words, they can get the essence of your message within seconds. People have very short attention spans, and only SMS seems to understand and respect that fact.

5. SMS Can be targeted to a Particular locality

This is one advantage of SMS which can be enjoyed by those who have access to a Verified and Geographically Segmented GSM Number Database. If your Business is one which serves a particular location or you have an offer which you want to send to people in a particular location, with SMS you can easily select the group of people you want to send to and send out your SMS with a Guarantee that those who see your promotional message would be those who are able to patronise you easily.

6. SMS can be integrated with other strategies

Another upside of SMS advertising is its versatility; it can blend well with other strategies within an integrated campaign. For example, you can use SMS to direct customers to a squeeze page on your website, from where they’ll get to subscribe to your email newsletter. That’s just one of several possibilities.

In all, SMS marketing is a smart strategy for business owner who want to reach their business goals quickly. It’s far better than most other advertising methods, which require you to spend huge money on marketing messages that most recipients will quickly forget or just ignore.


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