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How Can I get Money from Bulk SMS? (2)

How can i get Money in Nigeria

Last Week, I started on the Mini series titled; “How can I get Money from Bulk SMS?“,

That article showed current earnings from the Bulk SMS Business well over a Million Naira in just two weeks as well as went ahead to start on various ways an Individual can make money from the Business in Nigeria or Globally.

Today, this article continues where the last stopped and explores various other streams of income that can be exploited to maximize the revenue to any serious SMS Entrepreneur. These methods mentioned are By no means exhaustive and anything that can be applied to make money from a website can also be applied on an SMS Website as it is Built on a Robust Platform used by World Leading Websites.


The first method of Monetizing  an SMS Portal to be talked about today would be:

2.) Becoming a Bulk SMS Consultant:

This actually should have been the first method to be talked about as this was the First Thing I did Starting up in the SMS Business.

A lot of people, wanting to start the Business do not have any startup capital or would rather need to test the business to see if it is a right fit for them before Investing in it. Some other people, would like to own the Business but would not want to be bothered about issues like server management, crediting paying clients and customer care and as such would like to operate the Business in a Way that they only have to do the Marketing while the SMS Provider does the techical aspect.

These are the situations where becoming a Bulk SMS consultant is Ideal. A Bulk SMS Consultant is usually one who registers with a Bulk SMS Website and then goes out to market to businesses, sending out their Messages for them. This can be started with little or no capital as there would be no need to Purchase an SMS Website or pay anything till the client has made an Initial Deposit for the Service.

The Advantages of this model are that there is no startup capital, it is quick to start and it is a great way of validating the Business Idea.


Disadvantages are that it is not scalable, you must send every SMS manually for client meaning a lot of time wasted, you do not have control over your Business, it is difficult to Brand and you cannot direct clients to your website.


3.) Selling of Advertising Space:

You can create advertising space on your SMS Portal which can be used for Various purposes such as Advertising your products, advertising Products of friends and Family, Inserting Adverts from Ad Networks such as Google Adsense.

In most websites, provision is made around the layout to allow advertising of different types. For a High Traffic Website, this advertising space can be sold or advertised as for sale so interested buyers can enquire and make purchases if necessary.  Contextual Advertising such as Google Adsense can also be added to the WebSites to ensure that ads relevant to each page and visitor type are shown at any given time. The Website owner is then paid every time their advert is viewed.

As a result of the Automatic nature of adsense which scans the content of a webpage and shows ads related to that page, it is not always a good idea to add it to your Business Website since you might end up advertising the services of direct competitors which is why selling of Ad Space is preferable.

4.)  Selling Other’s Products (Affiliate Program)

An Affiliate Program is Simply selling products created by others in order to earn a Commission on these products.

Affiliate programs can be extremely effective as you get to choose the products you are going to sell and also commissions can vary depending on the products and /or presenter with some programs paying as high as 100% commission per sale. Examples of International Affiliate Programs are ClickBank and Commission Junction while Some Nigerian Firms such as Clue WebHost and Jumia also offer great affiliate opportunities.

To start offering affiliate programs on your Site, Simply go to the website of the company who you want to be an Affiliate for, Sign up for an account with them, and follow the Instructions they would give. Most times, they would give you an affiliate link as well as Banners, Posts and other tools you can use to Promote the products on your Website.

You can then fit these affiliate Banners in your advertising space on your website so whenever a Visitor Clicks on them, a “cookie”, a script that shows the person visited your website is saved to the visitor’s computer and if the Person makes a purchase within the stipulated time assigned by the cookie, you would be paid a commission on that sale.

This is a really great and passive was of Making money from your Site.


I’ve to cut it off here,


Would be returning soon with the third and final list of things you could do to increase the money you can get from your SMS Site.

Hope you are able to apply two or more of the steps outlined here and see your profits shoot through the roof!

Have a Beautiful week and don’t hesistate to Send an email via the contact form if you have any Enquiries.


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