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How Can I get Money from Bulk SMS?

earnings from Bulk SMS

Last week, I wrote a post which also got sent out to my Email List titled, “What is Your Biggest Challenge in Business?“, this post was also sent as an Email to my Email list and the responses I received from Various subscribers was really eye opening!, over the last couple of months, I have written on Numerous topics Ranging from Dealing with Scammers in the SMS Industry, Comparing and contrasting the Business with the Recharge Card Business, Customer Retention Strategies even up to How to Send Bulk SMS.

Looking Through these topics, I realized there isn’t any which treats the Nagging question in the mind of Every Entrepreneur who might be Interested in Bulk SMS Reselling which is; “How Can I get Money from Bulk SMS”?

From a Lifetime of Making a Living through the Bulk SMS Business and Making it Popular around the country, with our promotion launched late 2010 being the starting Point of a Lot of the Big Names in the Industry today and 3 years of living from the proceeds of the Business, I believe I am in the Right position to give advice on how you can make the maximum use of your Bulk SMS WebSite and Make Money from It in various ways never thought possible.

I believe I am qualified to speak on this as this is a Business I have and still make a lot of money from everyday as shown in my Bank Transactions for the Past 2 weeks which shows 1.6 million naira in as little as 2 weeks from the Business!


When you get your Shiny New Bulk SMS  Portal is Delivered to you, the mindset at most times is to at once start selling Bulk SMS, while this is the Primary purpose of the site and Selling Bulk SMS Alone would give you a steady Income, Ignoring the other services you can seamlessly offer through your website would mean leaving a lot of otherwise Good Money on the table. As you would come to realize, not everyone who visits your website is going to buy from you, they might not want want you are offering at that particular moment or they might not be able to afford what you are offering at that moment and this is why in this Post today, I would outline various things you can offer on your Bulk SMS Website in order to make the most money possible from the Business.

Your SMS Portal is extremely flexible and is able to do everything a fully fledged website can do, so there is an unlimited amount of related and alternate products you can add on it too shoot your income from the Business through the roof! In this Post and the post which would come after it, different methods would be outlined for you to show how you can get as much money as shown in the video above and even more (I’ve not advertised for almost a year now) from the Business.

The First and most obvious revenue source for your SMS Portal would be :


1.) Selling of SMS Units:

This is the primary purpose and Function of an SMS Portal. The SMS Portal is Built with Specially programmed Software which allows you sell your SMS units automatically and conveniently to a large group of People. On getting an SMS Portal, the First thing you do is to configure how much you want your customers to buy from you, set your contact address in case customers want to meet up physically as well as enter your Bank account details and/ or Online Payment Details so that clients can easily make transactions with you without having to Contact you first of all.

When configuring prices for your SMS units, ensure you factor in all likely costs such as Generators, Internet Subscription, Office Rents and Salaries and also make projections so you would have an idea of the amount of units you would need to sell monthly or weekly to cover all these costs and make a Profit.

This is the fastest revenue stream to start with if you have an SMS Site as the features are already configured for it and alone, if properly managed and finances prudently applied, it is enough to support a comfortable lifestyle as the client base grows and you establish trust with your Users.


Next Week we would talk About further ways in which you can make money with your SMS Portal so it becomes a cash Churning machine for you!

See you then & don’t forget to send a message if you need insight on any further aspect of the Business.


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