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Everybody may be genetically unique, but there are certain inherent desires we all have in common, and they include speed and convenience.

These needs have driven us to numerous inventions, all to make us accomplish tasks faster and/or make our lives easier; from cars and airplanes to computers and smart phones.

These needs, being inherent, permeate our everyday life, down to the services we use on our mobile devices – we tend to gravitate towards services that rank highly in speed and convenience on our metric board and avoid services that do not; consciously or unconsciously.

The upsurge of smart phone use in recent years highlights the fact that people are more responsive to products and services that reinvent convenience without compromising speed. Thanks to this trend, mobile devices have become, amongst others, a favorite channel for eCommerce, with over 25% of global online transactions taking place on a mobile by Q4 of 2014 according to Adyen. Has SMS Marketing been encouraging this trend?


The SMS Marketing channel has the advantage of speed, convenience and high engagement level over other marketing channels; little wonder it boasts an open rate of 99% and a response rate of about 45% (compared to a dismal 20% and 6%, respectively, of its closest rival, according to a report by OneReach).

The reason why SMS texts are treated like family is not far-fetched – it’s rooted on our need for speed and/or convenience! Now look at this report by Mobify:

  • 81% of people who engage in mobile transactions confess that spontaneity plays a major role in mobile commerce.
  • 88% of the same people agree that having a mobile device with real-time information makes them “more spontaneous with shopping…”

Thus, effective SMS marketing has been motivating people to make mobile transactions: the succinct but enticing marketing campaign comes in via the user’s most-attached channel, is given prompt attention and clicked through/followed, down to where the real-time information presented leads to the spontaneous consummation of the marketer’s desired transaction on the user’s mobile.

Information is power, but communication makes information possible. So if information is not communicated efficaciously, it will reflect negatively on the power of the union or organization – which is their capability or influence. And that invariably results in a corresponding loss of money or revenue. This is why market-savvy businesses are invested in perfecting effective SMS Marketing as a means of communication/interaction.

As a result, the texts are designed to provide interest-stimulating information from a business in real-time. Most SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of it being delivered and the response rate is high too. Since many transactions are now mobile and we love convenience, many people would check out and, most often than not (a whopping 88%), effectuate the transaction on their mobile device.

Granted, we cannot attribute the upsurge of mobile transactions to SMS Marketing alone, as that may constitute a travesty. There are other factors, certainly, that have been contributing to the popularity of mobile transactions. One fact no one can deny, however, is that in this relationship, SMS Marketing has been, and is still, an extremely supportive partner.

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