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How to get your EPP code and transfer your domains from Garanntor

If you’re on this post then you’re thinking of transferring your domains from garanntor and aware that Garanntor, the Hosting brand which launched with a bang a few years ago has suddenly stopped processing payments, responding to support tickets or renewing services.

I know this because even though I have my own Web Hosting Businesses which has been in operation since 2010, I maintain accounts with various other companies to keep tabs on the industry 😀 .

As a result of the lack of responsiveness from the company, A lot of people have played with the idea of transferring their domains from Garanntor but this has been impossible because:

  1. They have disabled the function that would let you get EPP codes from their Client Area
  2. They don’t respond to any enquiries at all via support tickets
  3. Their phone numbers have been switched off since last year.

The simple hack to get your EPP code and transfer your domains from Garanntor

Login to your Garanntor Client Area (it still works as at today)

Visit to login to your account with them

Login to Garanntor

Click on Domains

Click on the Domains link shown below

Click on the Spanner by the domain you want to transfer

Manage Domains - Transfer domains from Garanntor

Click on the spanner by the domain name you want to transfer (manage domains)

Look in your Browser address bar and take note of the number there

In your browser there would be a link with a number (domain id) at the end, copy this number

Add that number to the end of this link

Click on Registrar lock at the left hand side of the client area and ensure it is disabled then attach the domain ID from the previous stepto the end of this link:

so if your domain id is 12345, you would have:

Copy and paste this link in your browser and if you are logged in, your domain EPP code would show so you can transfer your domains from Garanntor!

If you need a host that won’t suddenly turn the lights out (99% uptime since August 2010) then Transfer to ClueWebHost!

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