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How to Make Your First Million in 2014 with Bulk SMS (Part 2)

The previous article explained how you could make millions from your bulk SMS reselling business by championing SMS campaigns for politicians vying for various posts in the fast approaching 2015 elections.

After having understood that you can really make millions off these politicians, you’re most likely mulling over how to get them to patronize your services. Yes, it’s worth mulling over. Getting the attention of these politicians isn’t easy, let alone milking them of some decent amount of cash.

In this article, you will learn how to connect with politicians, approach them, propose your offer, and get them to buy your custom bulk SMS services.

Take the following steps and you will most likely achieve your goal:

1. Prepare a compelling proposal

Preparing an impressive proposal is very important, as it can make or mar your chances of landing your “big fish.” Your proposal should not be more than two pages long, or no one will read it.

Start your proposal with a captivating introduction. And emphasize how your bulk SMS reselling service can benefit the potential customer. Don’t waste too much time on glorifying the features of your service. Nobody is interested in the features; people are only interested in how your business can help them.

2. Connect with politicians (your potential customers)

This is arguably the most difficult aspect of the whole process. We all know Nigerian politicians are hard to meet, as they’re always very busy, and their contacts are hard to come by.

Well, trying to connect with them through people close to them is one of the best strategies for reaching them. Meet those who you think are close to your “target” politicians, and discuss with them on how to get your proposal across.

Since politicians have their preferred media of communication, you can also try your luck by email or phone. Again, you can get these details from people who are close to these politicians.

3. Tailor your proposal to the recipient

Nothing gets your proposal discarded faster than submitting a generic proposal. To boost your chances of success, tailor your proposal to the individual you’re sending it to. And present it in an irresistible package.

Let your proposal create the impression that you really took your time to prepare the proposal solely for them. (You know our politicians like to be taken seriously and respected.)

If you’re submitting a printed proposal, have the name of the politician you’re targeting boldly written on it as well as on the envelope containing it. And use good quality paper for the printing. If you’re sending the proposal via email, the rule of tailoring it to the recipient still applies.

Another important thing you must do is present your business professionally. No one wants to patronize a business that looks awkward on the outside. Include all the necessary details about your business in the proposal. And make your bulk SMS website—your online showroom—look more professional as well.

4. Submit your proposal and follow up

Your efforts would be useless if your target individual doesn’t get to read your proposal. So, not only must you submit your proposal, but you must also give it a good follow up to ensure it gets read and responded to.

To follow up on your proposal, send another message via the same channel asking to confirm if the politician got your proposal. Also, ask them for feedback. If someone linked you up with them, let the person do the follow up for you.

Even if your proposal wasn’t read initially, a follow up message will reignite the recipient’s interest in the proposal.

Bottom line

Frankly, there are no hard and fast rules for reaching any Nigerian politician. But the tips in this article will most likely help you get your proposal across to them as well as kindle their interest in your offer.

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