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How to Make Your First Million in 2014 with Bulk SMS

You’re doubting, right? You’re beginning to think this is just another article only seeking to exaggerate the potential of bulk SMS—that overhyped business that brings crumbs in profit.

Are you one of those who think bulk SMS is a dead business because “too many Nigerians” are into it already?

Well, this article will open your eyes to a huge opportunity. An opportunity for you to become a millionaire in 2014.

I guess you’re now yearning to know what I’m talking about. So, let me unleash that secret…

As we all know, this is 2014, and the campaigns for the 2015 elections are starting in a short while! Our politicians are now buckling their shoes in readiness for another series of election campaigns. Of course, they would love to retain their seats and enjoy more of the “national cake.” LOL!

This is where it starts getting interesting. Do you know the biggest aim of most Nigerian politicians vying for posts in 2015? Their biggest aim is to reach out to as many voters as possible. To convince them that they are most deserving of their thumbprints. To tell them their agenda. And to give them every strong reason to ignore other candidates.

As a bulk SMS reseller, you can make lots of cash off of these aspiring political office holders. How? By helping them champion their campaigns through what you sell—custom SMS.

Remember, nothing is more personal to Nigerians now than their phones. And no other medium overrides SMS as an effective information dissemination tool. So, with these points, you can convince politicians to buy bulk SMS units from you for their election campaigns.

If you’re still not seeing the millions, then let’s go do some little math.

Let’s assume about 1.2 million potential voters live within your federal constituency or Senatorial district, and you make a profit of N1.00 per SMS unit. By sending election campaign emails for a Senate/House of Reps aspirant, you will earn about N1.2 million naira. You get it now?

And you can earn even more if you can convince more than one aspirant to buy bulk SMS from you. So, if you succeed in landing two or three aspirants, that’s multiple millions of naira in profits! Can you beat that?

I’m sure you’re now wondering how to get the phone numbers of all mobile phone users within a your Senatorial district, local government, or state. It’s quite easy.

You can simply buy the database of mobile phone numbers belonging to Nigerians . These numbers have been well sorted by geographical location. So, you only buy the numbers for the area you’re targeting. And of course, the aspirant will foot the bills for that—not you.

Now, I know it’s not easy to get these aspirants, because they don’t have much time on their hands. And it’s not easy to convince them to patronize your bulk SMS reselling business, because they’re always skeptical.

But with a solid proposal that addresses the interests of the aspirant, you can easily win them over to your side.

We would go into the process of crafting a solid proposal in a future post


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    December 4, 2014 at 9:05 pm

    I’m highly intrested on this Bulk Sms Business. Assume i gather money to purchest the GSM DATA BASE, where can i bought the DATA BASE and how to specify their respective States, Local Govt GSM DATA BASE OF ALL NETWORK. Thanks

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