Keep Your Customers Coming Back With Mobile Remarketing

Most business owners are aware that SMS is one of the most powerful techniques for reaching out to new customers. But only few are aware that SMS can go way beyond that.

Attracting customers to your business is one thing, but retaining those customers is another task entirely—a more important one at that. And just as SMS is very effective in attracting new customers, it’s also very effective in compelling them to come back for more business with you. That’s where mobile remarketing comes in.

What is mobile remarketing?

Mobile remarketing is the use of SMS to maintain communication with your one-time customers with the aim of establishing a long-term relationship, building trust, and making sure that your product or service remains foremost in their minds. It’s a clever strategy for ensuring continuous sales, since customers will only deal with businesses they trust and have have kept in mind over time.

While remarketing can be done via other strategies such as email and “snail” mail, research has severally proven that remarketing through SMS remains the best option for most small businesses.

Why SMS remarketing is effective for retargeting one-time customers

Here are 3 strong reasons why SMS remarketing will bring far more repeat customers than any other strategy.

  1. SMS is easy to read

Unlike emails, your contacts don’t have to connect to the Internet to read your SMS. Once their phones beep to notify them of your text message, all they have to do is tap the “Read” or “Open” button, and they’ll get your message instantly. And since text messages are usually very short, chances are they’ll read your messages to the end.

So, with SMS remarketing, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your target market comprises people who surf the web or understand how to read emails. Everyone—even kids—can open and read text messages.

  1. SMS reaches more people

Aside being easy to read, SMS enjoys much higher open rates and generates more conversions than other remarketing techniques because people are always with their mobile phones and are instantly notified of new SMS texts. This is quite unlike emails, which can only be accessed with an Internet connection, which unfortunately many people don’t have on the go.

In addition, people tend to read text messages on impulse. Even if they’ll later hiss at the content and delete it in anger, they would most probably have read it first. In the case of email or snail mail, most people won’t even bother to read the content once the subject doesn’t interest them.

  1. SMS emphasizes CTAs

The CTA (call-to-action) is the most important part of any marketing message because it tells the reader what you want them to do next—whether to place an order through your website or subscribe to your newsletter. Because the typical text message allows no more than 140 characters, there will be little room for additional stuff, making the CTA “bold”.

Because promotional emails and paper mails can allow for more text, there are chances of the CTA getting buried within the extra stuff or placed too far down the page, so the reader might not see it.

These points are enough reasons for any small business owner to consider adopting SMS remarketing as a strategy for boosting sales and profit. And one more sweet fact is that SMS remarketing is cheap and easy to implement. So, start building your list of mobile contacts now, and start remarketing. It works!

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