Basics(101) of Bulk SMS Tutorials

Mobile Marketing with Customized SMS

If you are a provider of any form of services, one major challenge you will be facing is that of being able to spread the word about your services. Of course there are normal ways to do this. The first is by moving around and trying to talk to as many persons as possible and also looking at the everyday media organizations, like the TV and Radio. However these methods have some downside which bulk SMS marketing doesn’t come with.

For example, moving around from one place to the other will only make you waste valuable hours on the road. If your business is one that requires your presence, then it’s guaranteed to suffer.  You may think of employing people to do it but that will incur more expenses for you. Even if you are able to foot the expenses, how sure are you that the job will be done properly?

On the surface, the media houses are the “best bet”. Of course if you’ve been long in your business, you may be able to pay for a campaign on air but if your business is a startup, you may not be able to afford it. Being able to afford the adverts is one thing, then the objectives of setting up the TV or Radio marketing campaign being met, is another thing.

To run a bulk SMS marketing campaign is one of the easiest means of spreading the word about your goods and services. To do this, you just need to go online and locate an SMS gateway provider and sign up with them. Once your account is fully set up, what you will then do is to get on the platform type in your message and send. The messages get delivered to the inbox of your intended audience. What this means for you is that you are very sure of at least a 90% hit rate, meaning that almost everyone on the list will get the message.   This is not applicable to other forms of marketing. With the media houses, you will get to your audience but rarely at such accuracy thereby leading to poor response. With the conventional face to face marketing it becomes even harder.

So, to start seeing results today in your business, go get your own Bulk SMS account. However please be sure of where you are getting that account, to avoid regrets.


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