Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Scotland and Back to YOU!! Happy Independence!

If you’ve noticed there have been no Posts here for over a Month (Even the Conclusion of Our last Series) and I would like to say I’ve missed interacting with you all and I also apologize for that, we had a three part series running which Hopefully should be completed with my next Post but right now I’d like to forget about talking Business and talk about leisure a Little Bit (like they would say, all work and no Play makes Jack a Dull Boy).   For those who know me personally, one of my favourite Hobbies is travelling (I hardly stay at a place for a full 2 weeks before I feel the need to change environment). I had a veeeeeeery Busy August Launching a new Business and doing a few routine things and as such, last month, September, working at 1am one night and feeling totally Burnt out and exhausted, I decided to give myself a treat and Book a mini-euro tour (I tend to make on the spot decisions like that all the time.) Below are the results 🙂


I’ve always been a believer in and a convert to the Fact that at times you need to take a Break from things in order to be able to look at them from a New Perspective and returning from this has led me to look at life, the world and Business from a whole new perspective with fresh ideas, fresh ways of doing things and erroneous activities spotted.

Another thing I learned from the trip was the Beauty of Putting systems in place to operate your Business which is a process of identifying repeat tasks and outsourcing/delegating them which leaves you time to focus on the important parts of your Business (ie moving from working in your Business to working on your Business)

Throughout the trip, I had intermittent access to the internet but I always saw that everything was working smoothly whenever I logged into the admin system and read through the end-of-day Business reports. Though there where a couple of rough edges which are already in the process of being corrected, this is how every business should target to be in the medium to long term and is the secret of entrepreneurs who seem to be able to run so many Businesses at the same time without being fazed.

We would return to Posting as usual with Posting here and I really missed the Interaction here.



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