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Powerful Proposals for Bulk SMS/Mobile Marketing Available for Download!

Dear Business Owner,

In promoting your Business, a lot of times prospects need visual evidence of what you are presenting so they can either consult later, forward to superiors or understand you better. A lot of Marketing personnel use different methods in achieving this which includes Presentations, Audio-Visual aids and a lot of times, the tried and tested proposal.

A proposal is a document which introduces a Business to the prospect, presents advantages of using the proposed product or service against other options, gives reasons why the prospect should do business with the proposer, outlines features and services of the item being presented, gives an idea of the price and also contact details in case the prospect is convinced and intends doing business with the person making the proposal.

From the Explanation, it can be seen that obviously, without a solid proposal to accompany you on your marketing outings, it gets to a degree more difficult to get your prospects convinced to patronise your product or service.

Have you ever been in a position where you wanted to initiate a business deal and you had no proposals or any other materials to help you out and hence had to rely on easily forgotten verbal communication to get your Point Accross? For those involved in the Bulk SMS/Mobile Marketing industry, we want to make things easier for you.

We ran a Poll on our Website ( where we randomly asked what people would like to have in order to make their businesses progress farther and un-surprisingly, most respondents replied that they would like to have marketing proposals which they would use in their daily business. As a website whose mission is to help as many people as possible make a reasonable living through the SMS Business, we decided to step up to this challenge.

Consolidating on our industry expertise and over 5 years providing Mobile Marketing services to Nigeria and the African Sub-region, we decided to compile a small pack of proposals which we believe would be extremely handy to operators of Bulk SMS Businesses nationwide. Our proposal pack is designed to save time, save effort and help users avoid obvious mistakes that would have been encountered in preparing these documents themselves. Our Proposals are professionally written, composed to get to the mind of the reader and be as convincing as possible and with a professional layout.

To use these proposals just edit the content slightly to suit your Business and to fix in your own company name and contact details where appropriate. Also put in your company logo and any necessary corporate branding before you print it out for presentation to prospects.

We know items like this are usually given out for sale on various websites catering to the same niche and for a couple of weeks the team has tried considering what would be a fair price for this Extremely Valuable package which has the capacity to change lives. After considering the mission of this website, which is to guide those who are lost in the SMS Industry and make it easy for others to get into the industry, We decided to give it out for the Price of N FREE !!!

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