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Strategies for Collecting Client Contacts for Mobile Marketing

Because mobile marketing guarantees more impressive results than most other marketing strategies, more and more businesses are now increasing their mobile marketing budgets.


The first step towards flagging off a mobile marketing campaign is to collect client contacts and enter them into a database. This will enable you to send them mass promotional and informative messages with the ultimate aim of building a long-term relationship with them.

However, collecting client contacts is now tougher than ever. Due to fear of spam, scams, and identity theft, clients are now skeptical about disclosing important contact details such as mobile numbers.

But it’s not a hopeless situation. Here are four strategies for compelling your clients to willingly give you their mobile contacts for you to reach them whenever you need to.

1. Using opt-in forms
If you have a mailing list subscription form on your website or blog, you can use it to collect your visitors’ mobile contacts. How? By simply adding a “Mobile number” field to the usual “Name” and “Email” fields. If your visitors can trust you enough to hand you their email addresses, chances are they won’t have problems with disclosing their mobile numbers.
However, this strategy is perfect for collecting the mobile numbers of both potential and existing clients. If you intend to target only your existing clients, then consider other options.

2. Using order forms
Regardless of whether your clients purchase your offers online or offline, you can collect their mobile numbers during the order process by including a “Mobile number” field in the order form.
To compel your clients to leave their real mobile numbers, give them strong reasons why you need to have their mobile numbers—even though this won’t be necessary for most clients. Once the client’s order form is submitted, you can extract the mobile number and add it to your database.

3. Promos and discount offers
People love free or cheap stuff, and they’ll do anything to get your offers for free or significantly reduced prices. So, a smart way to get your clients to opt in to your mobile marketing campaigns is to run a promo or discount offers and ask them to submit their mobile numbers to become eligible for the offer. They’ll take that action without hesitation.

4. Offer valuable information
Another way to gain more credibility and trust is to offer lots of valuable and helpful information for free. This will make your clients trust your business even more. With that trust in place, your clients will readily take any action upon your request. Ask them to submit their mobile numbers so you can send them helpful information via SMS at regular intervals–and they’ll grant your request.
By implementing any of these smart tips, you’ll be able to grow your database of clients’ mobile numbers without having to go about it the desperate or unethical way.

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    September 15, 2015 at 7:56 am

    Thanks a lot. U are definitely a nation builder. I am grateful.

    Pls could u kindly teach me (step by step or page by page with patience) as a novice,how I can upload permanently all the phone numbers of a set of group or set of members as u may call it into my SMS bulk contact so as for me to stop going to words where I wrote them and copy to paste. u know its not possible doing copy &paste using a phone except a computer. but if I have it permanently on my SMS bulk , I can pick the group either from the phone or computer with one click and send my message to all.

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