Basics(101) of Bulk SMS

The Ease and Flexibility of Owning your Own Bulk SMS Portal

The normal SMS method provided by our numerous service providers is one that is a very vital tool in communication. However, when it comes to mass messaging or bulk SMS this conventional method comes up short. Reason being that its somewhat limited in capabilities, expensive and time consuming. A bulk SMS system is fashioned with the sole aim of sending such messages. So if you have any reason to send messages to a large group of persons and you have the spirit of a Business Man, then you have to consider getting your own bulk SMS system which would enable you send out your messages as you please and also sell out these SMS to other Users.

With a bulk SMS system, you have the ability to send out hundreds and thousands of messages at once. This can’t even be thought of by a normal phone user. Also, with this system, you will be able to easily send your messages to any group of persons with ease. This makes it a must have for advertisers, marketers companies etc.

With a bulk SMS system you can be sure that your message will be delivered regardless of what service provider the receivers are using. Also, you will also have the privilege of being charged the same rate across all boards. No need trying to rack your brains with a calculator in one hand trying to calculate what you are being charged. Another thing about using bulk SMS is that it is very easy for you to customise the sender name.  With the normal method of sending text the only thing that can show as sender is the phone number but with an SMS system you can be able to edit that ‘sender’ field and have your name or your company name as the sender.

A bulk SMS system allows you to schedule messages to be sent at any time of your choice. What this means is that you will just create the message and leave it, when the time comes, the message gets sent automatically. With this you can schedule seasonal greetings, meeting notifications etc very easily. You also have the ability to reuse any message as it gets saved in your system. Delivery reports are also saved for ease of cross checking.

These are just a few reasons why bulk SMS system is very flexible.  Coupled with the fact that you get to put your messages directly in the palm of your customers’ hands, there’s no reason why you should not have your own BULK SMS system.

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