Basics(101) of Bulk SMS

Using Mobile Marketing in Promoting Your Sales

Technological advancements have kept making life easy for us all. Gone are the days when people had to use only the TV and radio to announce new products and services. One thing that also made this medium to lose its position as the sole means of adverts was that because of its costs and low response rate. People were paying for adverts and still not seeing equal response. With the advent of bulk SMS technology, people no longer have to rely on the air and print media for passing messages across.

To use Bulk sms to promote your sales, what you have to do is to first and foremost identify a platform that will allow you send the messages. When you have done that, the next thing is to just purchase your SMS units and start sending messages.  You may be wondering how to get the numbers to send to, well here is a little tip.

To get numbers to send bulk sms to what you need to do is to go through your past receipts, emails or journals. Scour through the pages and copy the numbers that you have dealt with in the past. Once you’ve gathered them you can then send messages to them. This is one reason why you should make sure you have the contacts of previous customers. When you have something new to offer, you can always send them the idea. When these ideas get to them, they either act on it or direct persons who will act on it, either way you get to make sales.

Another way to get numbers for your bulk sms sales promotion campaign is to contact your SMS gateway provider (the platform I mentioned earlier) asking them to generate phone numbers of persons living in a particular area. This is a very effective method of promoting your goods and services. You will be able to interact personally with persons who will need your services in that locality.  So let’s say you have a goods just landed in Gwagwalada Abuja for example and need prospective buyers, all you need to do is for the numbers of the individuals living in that area to be generated for you and when that is done you can then send your messages to them. There is no easier way of getting prospective customers than this.

With bulk sms, marketing has never been easier. So what are you waiting for?


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    October 8, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    Please how can i contact my SMS gateway provider to ask them for the phone numbers of people living in a particular area?

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