Web Host features for Your Bulk SMS Site to Perform Optimally

No doubt, bulk SMS business reselling is presently on the rife. Many people who were previously unemployed are now earning hundreds of thousands by reselling SMS credits to companies, schools, churches, mosques, government agencies, hospitals, clubs, associations, and so on.

The list of potential customers seems to be endless. If you won’t stop brainstorming, you can make SMS reselling your source of a decent monthly income.

Retaining your existing customers is as important as attracting new customers to your bulk SMS reselling business. Therefore, certain features must not be available on your portal if you desire optimal performance that can keep your customers returning to you.

With so many people jumping on the bandwagon of bulk SMS reselling, the business has become very competitive; many others want to share the “cake” with you. This explains why you need to distinguish your business by offering features that will give users of your online SMS portal a great experience.

Some of these features are highlighted below:

1. Fraud and Spam Guards

Because your business is internet-based and so vulnerable to attacks, you must ensure you have spam guards in place to keep your site from human and automated intruders.

These intruders scour the web for opportunities to reap where they did not sow, or chances to disrupt the status quo of your website.

But spam guards will protect your business website, especially if you accept online payments. Your customers will trust you more when they can vouch your portal’s security.

2. Online Payment System

Because of the absolute ease this feature brings to your customers, you will attract more prospects than your competitors.

Trashing the famous trips to the banks to make payment by offering an online payment system will make your bulk SMS site dear to your users.

3. Duplicate Number Detector

If you’ve got this on your site, flaunt it – many bulk SMS sites don’t. This feature works by deleting numbers that appear multiple times from the list of mobile numbers your customers send messages to; this prevent the wasting of their SMS credit and they will definitely appreciate you for it.

4. Number Validation Service

In this business, your definition of excellent service delivery should revolve around customers’ satisfaction. Having a site feature that validates numbers before sending messages helps your customers save extra SMS credits (and money) that could have been wasted on incorrect numbers.

5. Message Scheduler

This allows your users to schedule messages to be sent at certain times in the future. Users will only have to set up their messages, keep them in a queue, and relax. The messages will deliver automatically at the which will be sent to the recipients at the defined time.

6. Easy Login, Sign-Up and Navigation

No one likes wants things clumsy and complex. So, make your site professional, but simple. Essential tabs such as the login, sign-up, payment, and FAQs tabs must be placed at the right locations on the site. Easing up the stress in any system is a sure way to ensure optimal performance.

7. 24/7 Customer Support

At times, unexpected situations may arise on your site. These may be due errors from the site’s back end or from the customer. Whatever the cause may be, customers should be able to reach you at anytime of the day to get any issues resolved. You don’t have to anticipate this often, but it’s a necessary feature if you value excellent service delivery.

While there are many other features that will spice up your web host features, your business would be fine with the basic ones mentioned here. And you should feel free to go with a web host package that offers them.