Basics(101) of Bulk SMS

What Kinds of Businesses Use Bulk SMS?

Business Bulk SMS

Before entering into any kind of business, a smart person will first do his best to learn all that he can about it. This includes making sure about whether or not there is a great demand for the product or service that they are thinking of offering.


One of the more important things that must be learned about the bulk SMS business is what kinds of entities use such a service. The bulk SMS business is essentially a business serving businesses. It is more properly described as a B2B model, or one that conducts business-to-business commercial transactions.



Business Sectors Served by Bulk SMS Providers


With the large number of mobile phone usage worldwide, nearly all business sectors, whether in the public or private sector, avail of the services provided by bulk SMS providers. However, some business sectors are more frequent or dedicated users than others. Knowing which sectors these are can be a huge help in determining the kind of client base that you may want to cultivate for your bulk SMS business.



Banks and Other Businesses that Provide Financial Services


Businesses serving the public by giving financial services use bulk SMS in ways  that are primarily meant for notification. For example, the bank may issue an  advisory to all their clients that server maintenance is being done, and online  banking services will be temporarily affected.



Retail Companies


Supermarkets, bookstores, and department stores are samples of retail companies that also use bulk SMS to communicate to their customers. The types of messages that may be sent out include alerts on special events such a sale, promotions such as discount codes, and marketing efforts such as contests.



Cargo Distribution and Delivery Companies


Bulk SMS are very useful to cargo distribution and delivery companies, particularly in updating delivery schedules and tracking package movement. These companies may use bulk SMS both for the benefit of their customers and their own employees.



Mobile Operators, Content Aggregators and ICT Service Providers


Companies that utilize Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and mobile operators are also among the business sectors that make use of bulk SMS. ICT refers to the convergence of computer technology with telephone systems, including that of mobile telephony.


Meanwhile, mobile operators may use bulk SMS when they provide P2P or peer to peer communication services. Mobile entertainment chat programs and content aggregator and provider products that require distribution are good examples of how bulk SMS can be used by these sectors.



Travel and Hospitality Sectors


Airlines, passenger and cargo shipping companies, hotels, and restaurants can use bulk SMS for reservations, promotions, and confirmations.



Health Care Sector


Hospitals, clinics, and health maintenance organizations (HMOs) also use bulk SMS to provide their patients with updates and feedback mechanisms for patients’ inquiries, especially when redundancy of questions is involved.



Special Interest Institutions such as Churches, Political Groups, and Schools


Special interest institutions can count among the most active and heavy users of bulk SMS, depending on the season or period of the year.



There are more business sectors that use bulk SMS, but these sectors are the ones that have been found to be excellent prospects for your bulk SMS business.

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