Frankly, a more apt question should be, “Who doesn’t use bulk SMS, and why??”

The unique features of bulk SMS have been taken into cognizance by businesses in diverse sectors, with a subsequent aggressive adoption of the channel as an integral part of their campaigns or outreaches.

However, I took the liberty of conducting a small survey, in which I questioned several business owners/professionals in different sectors on their use of bulk SMS/its use in their sector, and why they chose bulk SMS. Needless to say, their responses were nothing short of insightful:


Bulk SMS is more cost effective and way easier than conventional channels for intimating our target audience on new events and the accompanying special offers. The channel is direct, and everything is composed and sent under 5 minutes… Mr. Kingsley C.


Besides the industries these people represent, a lot of other industries use bulk SMS for marketing or engaging with their customers; from Government agencies and Private organization/enterprises of various sizes, to individuals (like politicians).

I’m sure your cable service provider sends you a text to remind you of the expiration of your subscription. A hospital would send texts to remind patients of important appointments or medications.A real estate agent may send texts to prospective clients concerning a new property… the list is endless.

The reasons why apparently all businesses/professionals use bulk SMS encompass ease of preparation and dispatch, high open and read rates, high response rates, directness of message to intended recipients, and cost effectiveness.

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