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promoting your business

6 Truths Every Business Owner Must Know About Marketing via SMS

It was said by Peter Drucker that apart from Marketing and innovation which bring the customers and profits, every other money spent in a Business is an Expense. While this is debatable, ...

Be Careful! Scammers are now masking as SMS Providers

I went into the SMS Business in December 2010, then there where few providers and as such, fewer incidences of Fraud, since then, the landscape has changed. Before and since this Blog ...
Integrity in Bulk SMS

Growing Your SMS Business: Integrity as a Proven Strategy

Wikipedia defines integrity asĀ “the perceived consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcome”. So, personal integrity is the ...
Technology Behind Bulk SMS

The Technology that Powers the Bulk SMS Websites

We would go a bit technical today to give the Building blocks of Bulk SMS.     The bulk SMS business is a product of modern technology. It is a business that is more dependent ...

Boost Your Income Series #7: How to Retain Your Customers Forever

Getting customers to patronize your bulk SMS business can be really challenging. But retaining those customers is even more challenging. And as you know, a business doesn’t thrive ...
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