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Boost Your Income Series #5: More Ways to Market Your Bulk SMS Reselling Business

In the last post, we discussed the importance of marketing your bulk SMS reselling business. We also looked at four marketing strategies you can adopt in order to attract quality customers.

In this post, we’ll be looking at more ways to market your business. The essence of highlighting many options is for you to choose whichever you seem comfortable with and you think will most likely work for you.

So, here are four more ways to market your bulk SMS reselling business:

1. Handbills, billboards, posters, and other print media

Though these may seem archaic, they’re still working for many businesses. And they can work for yours, too. Since your target market is wide and your business is relevant to most Nigerians, print media advertising would place your business before many prospects.

If you cannot afford the cost of billboard or newspaper advertising, handbills and business cards are affordable alternatives that can still work magically for you.

2. Freebie marketing

Nigerians – and every other people for that matter – love freebies. So, you can easily attract customers to your business by offering them freebies.

For instance, you can give 5 or 10 free SMS units to anyone who registers on your website. You can even publicize this offer on forums and social media, using catchy headlines such as “get 10 free SMS this weekend”.

Once your prospects exhaust their SMS units and are satisfied with the quality of service, they’ll request for more SMS units and continue doing business with you.

3. Lower prices

Well, this may make you cringe. But the truth is, Nigerians tend to go for cheap products and services – regardless of the quality. So, if you really want to attract customers, lowering your prices is a smart move.

Even though this tactic may deprive you of a fraction of your profit at first, you can gradually raise your prices after you’ve attracted many clients. If your service is of high quality, they’ll stick with you, the increase in price notwithstanding.

4. Online ads

Placing paid ads online is another smart marketing strategy for bulk SMS resellers. By advertising your business on high traffic blogs and forums, chances are, your prospects will see them and they’ll get in touch if they’re interested.

However, not every high traffic blog or online community is a good site for your ads. Place your ads only on blogs and forums that are visited by your prospects – Nigerians. It’s of no use advertising your business on a high traffic blog that has most of its hits coming from the US.

Now, you’ve just learned four more marketing strategies you can use to attract customers to your bulk SMS reselling business. In the next post, I’ll share tips on how you can write killer proposals to your potential customers.

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