Business Owners!! Stop wasting money get your Messages to People in your Location

Businesses spend most of their expenditure on large-scale marketing drives and in most cases they fail to effectively achieve their aims due to the unco-ordinated and unstructured nature of their marketing plans, leading to a huge waste in scarce company resources., Do you know that this issue can be effectively resolved if you can get your messages to a particular Local Government area or demographic in Nigeria with 99% accuracy?

According to statistics from The Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria, AAAN, Advertising expenditure from the organized Private Sector in Nigeria for 2013 grew to N125 Billion from a total spend of N91 Billion in 2012. This spend is broken down as below:

Advertising Spend in nigeria 2013
This figure of N125 Billion does not include adverts placed by the informal sector and also other adverts via non-traditional media.

Despite the fact that such Huge amounts are spent by various businesses, it is surprising that for a lot of these businesses, the funds spent on Advertising are Hardly recovered.

Apart from the fact the fact that most of the Big Brands advertise basically for general Brand Awareness, most Brands have specific products which cater to the needs of a specific demographic and hence the usual blanket approach to marketing and advertising without a clear-cut strategy or without a targeted audience  finds them hemorrhaging lots of cash without results as a result of

  • Advertising without an end Goal in sight – This is when Businesses advertise because others are advertising or because it was written in a book that businesses should advertise. They are unable to give a reason why the ads are on or what actions customers are expected to take when they see these ads.
  • Advertising to the Wrong Demographics – This is when businesses show ads for a specific class of customers to the wrong group of persons. In this case the ads are seen but since the viewer has no use for the advertised product, no result is seen from the ad.
  • Advertising without Tracking/Testing Results – Like the First case, this is another error which a lot of advertisers make. Adverts are created and forgotten, there is no idea of actual sales through the ad, etc.
  • Conveying a vague or No message in Adverts – This is self-explanatory.
  • Advertising to the Wrong Locations – Like the famed saying of Advertising Ice to Eskimo’s, a lot of people advertise their products to people in places that cannot patronize them. This would be the main message of our Post today.


For Businesses, especially the Brick and Mortar Businesses like Supermarkets, Hairdressers, Schools and Daycare Centers and the rest, since services are offered within the radius of a particular geographic location, it is essential that adverts reach people who preferably are within the same location. Also particular products have varying demand patterns at various times, and some products or services cater only to the needs of a particular demographic. Hence the mass Blanket approach to marketing leads to waste of funds in that available resources are wasted on marketing to people who have no use for a particular product at a particular time.

Advertising to the Right Audience

Bulk SMS like has been discussed previously on this platform has always been a way for small and large businesses and other organizations to get their messages directly to their prospective clients. It is a very effective marketing tool if properly utilised. With our meticulously arranged databases your advertising campaigns can be targeted to the right demographic with pinpoint accuracy.


If you are granted Access to the Most Accurate Phone Number Database Available and are able to send your Marketing Messages maybe only to People in that particular locality where you operate or are able to send Messages to males only or females only (depending on the product you offer), you would notice that results from your marketing efforts would improve up to Ten-Fold! Compared to the usual Spray and Pray type of marketing usually carried out.


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